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Jen's Superstar Journal

You know you want to be me...

My pussy is hairless...............she's a Sphynx!
24 October 1976

My journal is almost entirely "friends only."

Here's me in a nutshell:

  • 33 years old
  • divorced
  • mommy to a beautiful little girl
  • home owner
  • bossed around by 2 cats

If you want to friend me, just let me know. Have a ____ day!!!!

The full version:
My name is Jen (or Jennifer, if you prefer, but never Jenny). I am a pro-chice, pro-breastfeeding, and semi-crunchy momma to a beautiful little girl born in February 2006. She is my entire reason for being. I'm currently embarking on the next chapter of my life and you're more than welcome to come along for the somewhat sappy ride.

I do not post as often as I would like, but lately have been getting better about it. My journal is mainly friends only because I post some personal stuff here and don't want just anybody reading it. In fact, I don't have any have very few of my IRL friends on my friends list and it seems to work nicely that way.

Many of my posts have some typos in them. I swear to God I can spell and I usually use proper grammar and all that jazz. I tend to write like I speak and my brain tends to go way faster than my fingers (I am a horrible typist). I try to catch as many of the errors as I can before I hit submit, but I'll admit I'm lazy about it most of the time. I hate capitalizing (o hai e.e. cummings), but understand others' need for it, so I often try to fix that before I hit submit, too.

I also am in the process of losing need to lose a lot of weight again and so I post about that from time to time as well. I started with Weight Watchers, but couldn't afford to keep up with it. I'd like to re-join, so if you're willing to help me out with that, let me know and I'll give you my email to paypal me some funds! :) My eating habits are way improved now, except for my recent overabundance of bread in my diet, and so I just need to focus on getting more active. I am determined to lose again, though! As of Nov. 20, 2007 I'd lost 45lbs (and only gained 20 of that back). Only 50lbs to go 'til my goal!

I don't respond to everything I read, but I do try to read everything. In fact, if you're looking for someone who comments a lot I am so NOT your girl. I LJ a lot from work and I don't always have tons of time to comment and even though I often tell myself I will go back and do it when I get home, life often gets in the way and I forget.

I also don't expect to get a comment on everything I write, although it would be nice to get one now and then just to know you're there or to offer a word of advice or support when needed.

I guess that's it. If you want to friend me, feel free to drop me a message as to why you think we'd be a good fit.

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